Thursday, 22 April 2010

Pork burgers & sweet potatoes.

A super quick, super healthy, super easy, super delicious dinner. SUPER!
If I had been bothered I would have made a tomato sauce, but for some reason the meal still didn't feel dry or incomplete. To keep the burgers moist and give them a lovely texture moosh together a slice of bread (any type, I used wholemeal cos that's what was lying around), one egg and a splash of olive oil into a smooth paste and mix into the pork mince.
To clear the fridge out a bit I also chucked in a yellow pepper, a red onion, coriander, spring onions and a few spices. Chop everything as finely as possible so the burger holds together well.

Bitches be jealous of my mad chopping skills.

Why are sweet potatoes regarded as being so much healthier than white ones? This bad boy had such a high sugar content that it was leaking caramel as it baked.

To make up for being lazy and not making a sauce some tomatoes were roasted. Salt, pepper, olive oil, oven, done.

To make sure you've seasoned correctly, cook off a small amount of burger mixture. Raw pork doesn't taste too good.

Beautiful golden coins of sweet potato and deep red beetroot discs. All these colours mean it's healthy. But also delicious - healthy is good but being tasty is as equally important.


  1. You can chop my veg any time x

  2. Looks great Sophie, I have never used pork in a burger, must give it a try!

  3. I am THE most jealous bitch. I dig the 'stache! I'll send you one of Stella in one. You may look cuter!

  4. Sorry, that is a PIC of Stella in one. I've had a little wine.