Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Gnocchi with veal ragu.

Gnocchi, in my opinion, is the best pasta ever. That's probably because I can take or leave spaghetti, orecchiette and farfalle but, hey - these little potato dumplings are fantastic. I adore the way they obediently float to the surface of the water when they're ready.

Usually we would just buy gnocchi ready-made, just like normal pasta, but also just like normal pasta it is very enjoyable to make from scratch.
In my madness, I didn't leave nearly enough time to make these properly and calmly, which is why they look exceptionally lumpen and misshapen. However, it matters not - a blanket of veal ragu and parmesan masked most of the dumpling's 'hunchback of Notre Dame' ugliness.

Gnocchi, of course, would be very easy to convert into a vegetarian meal. You could have them with a simple tomato sauce, or pan-fry in butter until crisp and melt over some mozzarella along with some basil and tiny fragrant tomatoes.


  1. they are a pasta (noodle) -- the potatoes should be steamed rather than boiled ..

  2. That would probably lead to a lighter gnocchi, but I don't have a steamer and a lot of the recipes basically said, fuck it, just boil the buggers. And that was from Italians, too.

  3. i see you can relax your language once in a while...made me smile; and i don't do that too often ...

  4. I hope you're not offended by swearing - I do it rather often and have to restrain myself from doing it in the blog!