Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tip of the day!

Go vegetarian
It makes sense to forget the meat just once or twice every week -
you'll save money and it's a lot better for the environment.
(Check out the ever-growing veggie category on the right.)


  1. i rarely eat vegetables, except for potatoes and beans. one of my daughters is a strict vegan; and i keep reminding her that, if you really think about it, chickens and cows are recycled, processed vegetables. On rare occasions i will enjoy thick slices of melanzana parmigiana. full steamed ahead ...

  2. I guess you're right, but bravo to your daughter all the same - if I had the willpower to stay away from bacon and cheese, I too would be a vegan!
    Not out of love for animals, but rather out of reverence to the planet.

  3. in this case, i think "forgo" would be better than "forget." verdad?

  4. My grandma doesn't eat anything but vegetables, practically. For health reasons. It started out as just not eating much dairy, then progressed to no meat and then no tofu either. It's insane. She is exceptionally healthy, though.

  5. You're right as usual, but I think I meant to say forget. I'm pretty sure I did, anyway.