Sunday, 10 May 2009


It was mother's and step-father's 7th anniversary the other day. Seeing as it was only two days ago you would think I'd be able to remember what we had for dinner*. Alas, I cannot, and only have memories of dessert because there was photographic evidence!
Anyway - cheesecake. Personally I favour the unbaked kind, but since mother is on the baked team I made the latter.
It was originally a plain cheesecake with a hint of citrus through it (juice of half a orange), but then someone managed to excavate some raspberries from the freezer so I made raspberry sauce to go with it (raspberries, the rest of the orange juice, tiniest hint of vanilla).
Unfortuently this was definitely the worst cheesecake I have ever made - I ran out of sugar so it wasn't sweet enough, and we were one pack of cream cheese short - but the flavour of orange and raspberry together worked nicely. Disaster (not quite) averted.

*Update: STEAK! We had steak! I totally remember now!

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