Sunday, 10 May 2009

Hazelnut brownies.

A few weeks ago my aunt came down from London to stay for a few days, an occasion that clearly warranted brownies. So brownies it was.
I have a huge dislike for brownies that think they're cakes - the only proper type in my book is one that is fudgy and in some cases, gooey. These were very chocolatey and fudgy indeed and I decided to top them with hazelnuts.
As you can see from the photo, a gooey brownie makes for a messy brownie. I actually kinda like the big, shambling pile it made though.
The children (2 cousins on top of the usual) weren't huge fans, instead preferring the whipped cream that was served alongside. What is it with women and chocolate, though? I myself am female and yet I'm pretty sure I don't like chocolate that much.. mother, and aunt, on the other hand, love the stuff. Maybe I've not got as much oestrogen as I would have liked..

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